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by Paul Pluim


You feel it’s not right

As a child, you learn that logic, facts and evidence are important in life.

What you feel is much less important than what you think.

You learn to suppress your feelings with your ratio.
Suppressing your heart with your head.

That makes you susceptible to illusions, propaganda and lies.

The heart lives in reality.
The head lives in a dream. A dream called facts, because they don’t lie, right?

But the facts are not that hard at all. The facts are of the head.

The head which is very limited in language….

Can the head give a description in language of the taste sweet?
No the head cannot…

Can the head give a description of the colour blue?
No the head can’t…

Can the head give a description for feelings like love, or happiness?
No, the head has no idea about that.

Taste, colour and feelings can only be experienced. Not describe them.

And if the head already has no idea of what everyday sensations like tastes and colours actually are, what does the head really know about life?

In spiritual development, on the contrary, you learn to go from head to heart. And actually to belly…

You learn to feel and experience reality instead of thinking.
You learn that intuition is the language of the soul.

Of course, the head is a handy navigational tool.
But it can never take the place of intuition.

And intuition has to be learned.
It takes years of meditation, transforming your traumas and blockages and other practice before your feelings are flawless and you can rely on your intuition.

But you can trust your intuition right now.
And listen to your inner compass.

That is where reality resides.

As John Lennon said:
“The more real you become, the more unreal the world becomes.”

The more you start relying on your intuition, the more you start seeing through reality. And the less susceptible you are to the illusion of facts and logic.

Facts, logic and reason thus become tools you use to back up your feelings. Instead of the other way around.

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