Finding a coach

Lots of choice

The Business Coach Directory is a free searchable directory of qualified coaches and coaches in training. It specialises in providing a clear business profile of the coaches subscribed to the site and their areas of expertise.

However, to ensure you get the most of the directory and shortlist a portfolio of coaches for you to have initial conversations with it is important you ask the right type of questions from the outset.

Not just a good coach, but the right coach for you

It can seem a daunting task trying to ascertain which coach you should work with, particularly as there are so many great coaches to choose from.

The most important aspect in finding a coach is that you believe it is someone you can build a working rapport with and trust, this means different things to different people – hence not all coaches are everyone’s cup of tea.

Alongside building a working relationship, also consider if the coach has expertise and proven results of working with people in the same or similar situation as you.

Finally, if accreditations and qualifications are important to you or your business do check out how qualified the coach is and ask for testimonials or references.

Asking the right questions is key

To assist you with your search for a coach here are some questions for you to consider asking after you have briefed the coach on why you are looking for a coach and a bit about you and your situation:

  • Why are you the right coach for me?
    What you’re looking for here is for the coach to articulate back the situation you are in and whether they have grasped it – and why they can support you based on their expertise. Listen carefully to whether they are stumbling or have valid experiences and thoughts to help you move forward. 
  • Have you been where I am? If you are looking for a coach who is where you want to be, has what you want to have, or is doing what you want to do this can be an excellent question to ask to understand what the coach has been through and how they came through the other side. You will then know you have the support and guidance from someone who has been there.

  • What’s your value proposition?
    Exploring the coach’s value proposition is key in evaluating whether the relationship is right for you. Are their recommendations grounded in empirical data, experience or education? Allow the coach to explain their process and how success is measured. The most important questions are the ones you ask yourself: “Do our values align?” and “Is there an organic connection in our conversation?”

  • Can you share some of your previous work experience?
    Understanding and asking questions about the work your prospective coach has done with previous clients in a similar situation to yourself will allow you to better connect to their ability to help you. Ideally, their words should resonate with your feelings and the stories they tell you should give you an idea on how they build relationships and focus on the most critical issues which need attention.

  • Where are you training or have your qualifications from?
    With the ever-increasing rise in coaching, understanding where your coach has trained and the qualifications they hold can help you ascertain how reputable your coach is. This knowledge along with the experience and stories your potential coach will tell you should give you a base to make a decision on the best coach for you.

  • Finally, what makes you different?
    When interviewing your potential coach, ask them, “Why are you different? What has set you apart from others?” There are many coaches in the market so understanding what your measurement of what a successful coach looks like can assist you in your decision making. At the BCD, we advise choosing a coach based on results, references and connection.

Ready to hire a coach?

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