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As the Coaching industry continues to grow exponentially, it can make it hard for prospective businesses and clients to determine where they should go to choose the coaches they should be engaging with, while also ensuring the coaches are who they say there are and backed up with the relevant qualifications and accreditations – our team personally checks all credentials.

The market space already has coaching directories, but the purpose of the Business Coach Directory (BCD) is to differentiate itself, firstly by only focussing on business coaches, but secondly allowing coaches to advertise themselves through the latest technology including the ability to leverage online booking, social media links to pages, reviews, videos – all on a single service based platform with a single sign in.  

As soon as a coach’s profile is fully completed it goes to work, reinforcing your credentials, providing a way for prospective clients to get in touch, and raising your profile in search engine results.

The BCD is also a platform to help trainee coaches build their qualification hours by allowing them to advertise their services either free of charge or at a nominal fee. From personal experience our founder, Charlotte, identified this is a key requirement to help trainee coaches not only obtain their qualification, but build their confidence, try new and different ways of coaching, understand the areas of coaching they like to focus on and subsequently find their niche. 

So how did the Business Coach Directory come to life?

Back in 2018 the founder of the BCD, Charlotte Elmer was made redundant from her successful corporate career where she specialised in building Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.  Upon the redundancy bought a period of time to consider what was next. Having spent 22 years in the City and working Internationally, she decided to establish her coaching practice, Charlotte Elmer Coaching Limited, in 2019. 

Charlotte trained with animas to gain her Diploma in Transformational Coaching which complemented her business experience in leadership in development and also the qualifications Charlotte already held. 

As Charlotte became more confident as a Business Coach, she identified an opportunity to help support new trainee coaches, while also help market and segment qualified business coaches based on their qualifications, accreditations and experience, to help potential clients know who they would be engaging with.  

Charlotte is open to feedback on how to improve the site further, and there is no such thing as a finished product so if you have something to share or something you wish to seedrop us a line.

To learn more about Charlotte and her coaching practice please visit: www.elmercoaching.com 

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If you’re having any issues, you can also send these, however it’s possible that you can find the solution on the support page, so we recommend you check this before getting in touch.

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