3 Ways to Develop your Leadership Presence

When leaders feel unsure of themselves As you become more senior at work, situations tend to become more uncertain and open-ended with no obvious solution. Problems become more complicated and personalities are more difficult to manage. The increasing complexity often results in disagreements with no clear way forward. It’s easy to become unsure of yourself in this increasing complexity, to […]


YOU LIVE IN A DREAM You feel it’s not right As a child, you learn that logic, facts and evidence are important in life. What you feel is much less important than what you think. You learn to suppress your feelings with your ratio. Suppressing your heart with your head. That makes you susceptible to […]

Should you promote your top salesperson to sales manager?

Good sales does not necessarily equal good sales management Being good at sales does not mean you can lead a group of people to do the same, promoting your best salesperson and making them the sales manager could be a costly mistake. It is often the conundrum of a sales organisation .. where do you […]

The Most Powerful Emotion

What would our present-day society be like if we were guided not by fear but by a collective and powerful confidence? THE MOST POWERFUL EMOTION Confidence: it acts as an eternal panacea that gives thoughts and impulses strength, vitality and vigour. In my opinion, confidence is by far the most powerful emotion. It is how […]

13 Interventions for Impacting Entrepreneurial Performance

An entrepreneur’s success, in both personal and professional life, comes down to how well they’re able to deal with the challenges in front of them. The following interventions have proven to be extremely effective in giving entrepreneurs a huge edge in producing breakthrough results while achieving their desired outcomes. 1 Actively confront and take action […]

The Foundation of Success

The Foundation of Success Stop chasing information Before I take you through this blog, I want you to understand one thing. No, I want you to feel it. Take it. And if you really grasp it, it will give you an invaluable insight, applicable for the rest of your life. What you will understand after […]

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching I am regularly asked what performance coaching exactly entails. How does it work? What does a project look like? Who do you work with? In this blog I will take you through all the ins and outs of a performance coaching programme. What is performance coaching? The word ‘performance’ means ‘achievement’, or ‘result’. […]

Be Positively Positive and beat Lockdown Blues.

How living Positively Positive can  combat Lockdown blues Being positive has huge benefits to our well-being and mental health. But in the current climate you may have difficulty in having and maintaining a positive state of mind. So what does being positive mean? It could be singing your way through your day or doing a […]