Types of coaching

While there are multi-talented coaches out there who can help with a wide range of scenarios, it’s rare for one person to have experience of everything. In an increasingly diverse business landscape, the people who have lived through the same scenario as you, or worked with others who have, can provide more specialised, in-depth coaching. We’ve identified prominent types of coaching, and explained them below. 

When finding a coach, you can filter your search by these coaching types to help choose the best coach for your circumstances.

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you in your current role, help transition you into a new role, while also helping you get clear on your ambition and goals for the evolution of your career.

Career coaching is relevant at any point in your career, particularly if you are feeling frustrated in your current role or wishing to strive to the next level.

Career coaching can help you understand your own value proposition and the benefits you bring to a business, while also positively challenging areas you might need to focus on to achieve your goals.

Creative Coaching

A creativity coach is a coach that focuses on helping you unlock and expand your creative thinking and creativity.

Creative coaching is about uncovering the right way to think about creating your life whether that be in your professional or personal life. It’s about finding ways to make your biggest, deepest, most sincere dreams a reality.

As you work with a creative coach to tap into the creativity that is already inside you, you’ll be able to envision your dreams and come up with creative ways to make them come true.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching brings improved levels of performance to existing and future roles; accelerates high potential; manages stress, change, conflict or crisis; and acts as a confidential sounding board for sensitive and strategic management issues.

In today’s fast-moving world, we are not always able to make time to stand back, reflect and see the bigger picture and yet everything we do starts with thinking.
One-to-one coaching enables self-reflection and therefore ensures decisions and actions are considered. This in turn means that outcomes are positive for both coaches and sponsor organisation.

Leadership Coaching

Given the pressures on a modern leader, businesses need to give their top people the time to think about their development and the space to make good decisions for the benefit of themselves and the organisation.

To face new challenges requires resilience, courage and clear vision. To give leaders the opportunity to allow the talented people underneath them to develop their repertoire of skills and abilities clearly maximises their own performance and impact.

Leadership coaching helps individuals and businesses reach their full potential through leveraging a wide range of tools such as 360 feedback, psychometric tests and emotionally intelligence tests – to name but a few.

Interview Coaching

An interview coach can help train individuals so that they can get the strategies required to give a successful interview. An interview coach has the experience needed to truly nail and seal the deal when it comes to interviews.

An interview coach takes in people who are not confident about their interview skills and gives them the tools required to ace every kind of interview. Their work, however, is not just dependent on skill transference and building.

A majority part of their work is also dependent on mindset management. One of the most critical roles that they play is to help understand their clients that they are indeed worthy enough to nail any and all interviews.

Work/Life Balance Coaching

Work/Life balance coaching is about re-addressing the competing priorities in your life. If you feel you are never truly present at home, dedicating so much time to work and not enjoying your home/relaxation time – this coaching could be for you.

A coach will help you re-address your challenges; whether it be overwhelm, stress or exhaustion, to enable you to live the life you wish to lead.

Management Coaching

Management coaching focuses on turning managers and leaders into coaches, enabling them to coach themselves and their staff.

A management coach works with leaders and managers helping them to learn how to increase self-awareness, choose when and how to take action, solve problems creatively, listen to feedback and incorporate constructive criticism, make appropriate requests of others, decrease hostility and defensiveness and reduce stress and negative emotions.

MBA Coaching

An MBA coach works with individuals that are either considering starting or have started doing an MBA. The coach has usually completed an MBA themselves so can bring practical experience and ask the right type of questions to support you on your MBA journey.

The benefit of MBA coaching is to provide a safe space to discuss any concerns or challenges you might be facing, while also assisting you get clear on why you wish to do an MBA and how this will enable your future goals.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a series of conversations or session in which the coachee is encouraged to set achievable goals on the way to larger goals, to develop their self-awareness, to identify and overcome any obstacles, to plan and prepare – to enable the coachee to achieve their optimal performance.

Most performance coaching is non-directive, meaning they do not tell the coachee how or what to do. However, directive performance coaching is always a powerful resource in the back pocket of the performance coach when the coachee may have lost their way or need a knowledge intervention. A knowledge intervention is when the coachee cannot move forwards without become conscious of something that they were previously unaware. They cannot know what they do not know.

Small Business Coach

A small business coach is a professional who knows the ins and outs of running a small business. They can support you with business strategy, the stresses of running business, being a sounding board for new revenue opportunities, dealing with difficult conversations in the workplace, and generally being a safe space for you to talk about anything that is concerning you with your business, while also enabling you to reach your and yours business goals.

Start-Up Business Coaching

A start up coach works with entrepreneurs to help get their businesses off the ground. They bring their own wealth of experience and a willingness to share their success stories and failures. They are keen to teach methods that help you fast track your business and avoid common pitfalls, while also motivating, inspiring and encouraging you on your way.

Systemic Coaching

Life within an organisation can be complex. There are multiple groups of people interacting with each other, who all bring their own perspectives, needs and ways of working. With so much in the mix, it is no surprise that people sometimes feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck or that they are not reaching their full potential. 

Systemic coaching and constellations bring a framework and approach for exploring hidden dynamics, clarifying and resolving different types of leadership, team and organisational issues. A systemic coach will help you more fully understand the different systems that surround you, and assist you to uncover new opportunities and, where needed, find resolution.

Team Coaching

The way a team works together can be a critical factor in whether or not a business has a solid foundation for commercial success. A team coach fosters better working relationships within a team, establishing an environment for honest, open dialogues, alignment of purpose, goals and strategy. 

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