Want a coach?

There are loads of great reasons to get a coach.

Business coaching brings improved levels of performance to existing and future roles; accelerates high potential; manages stress, change, conflict or crisis; and acts as a confidential sounding board for sensitive and strategic management issues. In today’s fast-moving world, we are not always able to make time to stand back, reflect and see the bigger picture and yet everything we do starts with thinking. One-to-one coaching enables self-reflection and therefore ensures decisions and actions are considered. This in turn means that outcomes are positive for both coaches and sponsor organisations if applicable.

Build your confidence

Challenge your unconscious biases and self-limiting beliefs

Build your strategy and plan to accomplish your goals

Understand how to work with many different people

Speed up your Business and Personal Growth

There are number of questions and a great deal of misunderstanding of what coaching actually is and how it can help you, both in business and in life in general. We simplify it for you.

We’ve identified prominent types of coaching, and explained them to help you choose the best coach for your circumstances.

The cost of coaching can really depend on the level of experience and value the coach places on themselves, in relation to how much they charge. We try to answer the questions ‘How much should I charge?’ and ‘How much should I pay?’

We outline the right types of questions to ask from the outset to ensure you get the most of the directory and shortlist a portfolio of coaches that are right for you.

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