As we know as Coaches, to make change you have to take action.

Whether you are just starting out as a coach or been coaching for many years, the initial putting yourself out on the market can feel somewhat weird or even scary.

Smart, brilliant and intelligent humans feeling lost without an organisation behind them or a clear professional identify to stand by.

The benefit of the Business Coach Directory (BCD) is that it can help you create your identity as a coach from the outset, and as you develop as a coach or, already a very experienced coach enables you to build your portfolio of testimonials and contributions to the BCD community.

These are important factors when potential clients are searching for a new coach – they really want to see you as the coach and your identity from the outset, and the value you will bring to them.

So why should you join?

Create a professional coaching profile

Your coach profile is your door opener and can decide your future work opportunities. Our easy to use platform ensures you are represented in a manner that is clear to potential clients while also allowing you to express your value proposition.


Reach new customers

The BCD helps raise your profile with individuals and businesses that are looking for coaches. By featuring on the platform, you will be at the forefront of advertising your business and attracting new clients.


Be part of our growing community

The BCD is a growing platform and will feature globally over the next 12 months. Being part of this movement will bring opportunities to share your experience and expertise with many, while also contribute to the online blog and articles contingent on your membership level.


Learning from others

The BCD will give you access for you to see how other coaches are approaching their business and their profiles. As the world continues to change, so does our style and topics for coaching. The BCD gives you a platform to see what is going on in the market and leading topics of interest.

Ready to join our community?

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