How it works

We built our website to be broadly segmented into three key areas, each of which is colour coded so you know you’re in the right place. Anyone searching for or hiring a coach will find themselves mostly on green pages, Coaches wanting to reach new clients will see purple, and anything else relating to the Business Coach Directory should be blue.

The purpose of building this site in this manner is to help coaches and clients navigate the site effectively and easily, ensuring you get the correct information that is relevant to you. Of course, there is some crossover, and for the visually impaired there are other key navigation signals, but we hope you find this useful.


Thinking about hiring a coach?

Read about all the great reasons to get a coach, the types of coaching available and search for a coach to suit your needs.


Want to reach new clients?

Discover the benefits of a listing on the Business Coach Directory, how much it costs and how to go about getting listed.

the curious

Our mission

Read about the history of the Business Coach Directory, how we do things differently from other directories and how to contact us.

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Whether you’re looking for a coach, or looking to reach new audiences, we’ve made it easy for you to get started.