How much does coaching cost?

At the Business Coach Directory, we get asked numerous times by individuals selling their coaching services and people wishing to purchase them – How much should I charge? and How much should I pay?

According to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, on average, US coaches made $61,800/year – approx. £47,000.

Coaching can be open to everyone, and really depends on the level of experience and value the coach places on themselves, in relation to how much they charge. There are also factors to consider why the coach is coaching – is it purely for ££ or is it something more pertinent – like giving back or sharing knowledge/experiences?

Different types of coaching also warrant different price tags. For example, Executive coaching by a highly accredited Master coach could be considerably more expensive than a coach that is just starting out.

It pays to shop around

The most important aspect of selecting a coach for yourself and or your business is that the coach fits the objectives you are trying to achieve, that way you build a working rapport and trust.

Be clear on the style of coaching that is offered, as well as the type of coaching you are looking for:

  • Directive – primarily the coach uses instruction and explanation
  • Showing – primarily the coach uses demonstration/storytelling
  • Transformational – primarily the coach allows self-discovery and questioning to raise the awareness of an individual or team

At the Business Coach Directory our approach is to assist you find the coach that is right for you – by providing the benefit of already vetting the credentials and accreditations of coaches, and ensuring they are who they say they are.

From experience and interviewing our subscribers to the Business Coach Directory, on average the following is applicable:


£ 0 /hr


£ 0 /hr


£ 0 /hr

Sometimes, it’s also possible to get some coaching free of charge. This is usually available from trainee coaches, looking to build their hours experience and obtain their accreditation.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for

The benefit of finding a coach through the Business Coach Directory is that the hard work of checking accreditations and coaching experiences is done for you. You are able to contact, book appointments with and read testimonials about the coach in question.

Remember, all our coaches are either trainees or accredited – and this is made clear in their profile.

At the Business Coach Directory, we do not have any control over what coaches choose to charge vs. their experience. However, on average, more experienced and highly accredited/experienced coaches in general come with a higher price tag.

Ready to hire a coach?

Search the Business Coach Directory today – most of our coaches explain their pricing and make it easy to see if they fit within your pricing expectations.