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Have you lost sight of you?

by Ayesha Murray

All my current clients have one thing in common.

In between work and family commitments, they’ve lost themselves.

There’s no demarcation between work and home, there’s less scope to pursue the things they love and the monotony of the past year is taking its toll.

So how can you put yourself back in the picture?

1. Commit to doing something about it. The hardest, but the most important first step.

2. Set boundaries that work for you and your family. Which chunks of time are protected for work, for family, for YOU?

3. Decide on how to make the most of the time for you. Make it achievable to start with – 20 mins reading, a walk, whatever makes you happy and whatever takes you away from everything else.

4. Make it routine, a regular part of your week.

5. If you need to, communicate your plan to your family, your employer. Knowing you’re supported will go a long way to make sure you stick with it.

5. Give yourself permission to celebrate the moments you create for yourself!

How do you make sure you make time for you?

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