What cross-cultural glasses do you have?

What kind of cultural glasses were you given as a child? Every single one of us has them but not everyone is aware of them. I was given beautiful glasses with lovely frames with a label: Made in Poland. It was a gift from my closest ones: family and friends but also others who weren’t […]

What is the Worst Thing that Could Happen?

Usually, when we want to bring a change to our lives, we are afraid. We are afraid that something bad will happen; that we will fail, that we will lose someone, that we will never be able to return to the place that we started. And this fear is reasonable! We are about to step […]

Obstacle or Excuse?

Yesterday, a client of mine kept on saying how difficult it is to find time for him amidst work, chores and kids. His goal is to run 2 times per week, so he becomes fitter. But, every single time that I ask him how the run was, he replies that he couldn’t go. He says […]