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Centralising a Targeting Methodology: Benefits and Best Practices

by JoAndrews

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations need to be agile and efficient to stay ahead of the competition. One way to achieve this is by centralising your targeting methodology. Centralisation can help improve communication, coordination, and efficiency across the organisation, leading to better results and a more consistent brand message. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of centralising your targeting methodology and provide some best practices for implementing this approach.

Benefits of Centralizing Your Targeting Methodology

Improved communication and coordination:

By centralising your targeting methodology, you can ensure that everyone in the organisation is on the same page and working towards the same goals. This can help improve communication and coordination across teams and departments, leading to better results and a more efficient workflow.

More consistent messaging and branding:

Centralisation can help ensure that your brand message is consistent across all channels and touchpoints. This can help build brand awareness and loyalty, and make it easier for customers to recognise and engage with your brand.

Better data management and analysis:

Centralising your targeting methodology can make it easier to track and measure the success of your initiatives or campaigns. By storing all data in one place, you can get a more comprehensive view of your performance and make more informed decisions about future campaigns.

Best Practices for Centralizing Your Targeting Methodology

If you’re considering centralising your targeting methodology, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Identify your goals and objectives:

    Before you start centralising your targeting methodology, it’s important to identify your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve? What metrics will you use to measure success? Having a clear understanding of your goals and objectives will help you stay focused and make more informed decisions.

  2. Get buy-in from stakeholders:

    Centralising your targeting methodology will require buy-in from stakeholders across the organisation. Make sure you communicate the benefits of this approach and get everyone on board before you start.

  3. Establish clear guidelines and processes:

    To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it’s important to establish clear guidelines and processes for how targeting will be done. This can include things like target audience definitions, messaging guidelines, and approval processes.

  4. Use the right tools and technology:

    Centralising your targeting methodology will require the right tools and technology. Make sure you have the right systems in place to store and analyse data, and that everyone has access to the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

  5. Monitor and adjust as needed:

    Centralising your targeting methodology is an ongoing process. Make sure you monitor your performance regularly and adjust your approach as needed to ensure that you’re achieving your goals.

It is worth noting that just because the targeting methodology is centralised does not mean that everyone has to have the same target – only that there is the same approach to the target setting.

Whilst it may seem logical to have a regional/market approach to target setting in order to take account of local nuance, there is greater value in rolling the local knowledge into the overall methodology to ensure fairness.


All messaging can be from top-down to show sponsorship and promote buy-in. The company has the ability to have a remuneration committee as a subset of the Company’s Remco Rules of engagement are able to be issued with clarity and there can be aligned and commercial decision-making about any target adjustments.


You can ensure a fair approach to market conditions so that allowances for opportunity are weighted appropriately.
Centralising gives you the ability to have an exceptions committee.


If you have a larger team, you ensure that those with the same role, opportunity and tenure (and the same market conditions) have the same target and you can ensure a fair approach to different market conditions.
And finally, you can ensure the rules are simple and easy to understand

Being able to explain the methodology means that it is proven to be fair and equitable. Even if the individuals do not like the output, they can’t say its not fair


Centralising your targeting methodology can help improve communication, coordination, and efficiency across your organisation, leading to better results and a more consistent brand message. By following these best practices, you can implement this approach successfully and achieve your goals.

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