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We’re an award-winning digital agency founded on a single premise – websites can be better. They can work better for their users, they can be easier for their owners to maintain, and we’ve all seen a few that could look nicer too. We’ve created our own bespoke process to make sure you get the best website possible.

We’ve created websites for a number of coaches and mentors, so we’re aware of the best ways to communicate with your potential customers, and we’re sensitive to their needs. In fact, if you like this website, you might like our work, because we designed and built the BCD website.

Having said this, we don’t just work on coaching websites and can put our experience and knowledge from other industries to use on your site. We don’t use templates or copy-and-paste previous sites, everything is built from the ground up, to order.

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Ethical Pixels combines expertise in User Experience, Branding, Media and Design to make the know-how that’s been giving big businesses an edge for years available to everyone else at a sensible price. We can create anything from a basic website introducing your coaching practice to an all-singing all-dancing online shop or a membership-based subscription website. Or anything in-between!

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We verify your membership and send your details directly to the supplier, who will contact you. We’ve pre-filled your details where we have them.

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