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Values Exercise – Explore, Identify and Live Life by Your Values

When we live by our values our lives will be more fulfilling, happier and full of meaning. However, if we find that we are not currently living in harmony with our values, we could feel conflicted, angry, directionless as well as making decisions that enhance those negative feelings.

If you explore your values you  will learn more about yourself,  understand your ‘purpose’ and how you can develop.

You will plan your time  more effectively and spend your energy  on things that you love and fulfill you. It can also help build sustainable relationships with people with similar and very different values to you.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing your values.

This exercise can be used with clients or for personal development. It can also be used to enhance your leadership skills by understanding the differences and similarities between your values and those of your team or organisation.

This exercise includes:

Description and definition of values.

List of over 240 values

6 Exercises including:

  • Discover your values
  • Importance and Prioritisation of Your Values
  • Living your values
  • Reflect and review your values


PDF format A4. 11 Pages. BCD branded. Fillable on your PC or Printable.

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