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Powerful Coaching Questions Guide – Support your Coaching Practice

Want to feel confident as a coach in sessions knowing you have a knowledge bank of transformational questions in your tool kit? Or want to add to your repertoire of current coaching questions? This guide is for you.

The guide gives you an understanding of:

  • the do’s and do not’s of asking powerful questions
  • how to check your question is a valid and useful one for the client

The guide gives you:

  • 39 questions on starting, checking in and ending the coaching conversation
  • 40 questions on general coaching
  • 40 questions on career development
  • 40 questions on coaching leaders and managers
  • 40 questions on coaching teams
  • 40 questions on goal setting
  • 80 questions on relationships

10 pages , PDF format, for use in your own coaching business or for personal use only. BCD branded.

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