July Online Community Meeting

Our guest speaker this month is Joanne Thompson who will be talking about ‘Love Language’.

Societies, organisations, teams, and communities are all built through relationships.  As humans, we have a deep emotional need to be genuinely loved by another human.  A lack of understanding another’s needs in a relationship can cause various issues for our coaching clients.

The session will give an introduction to Gary Chapman’s love languages and how they can be used to assist clients:

  • Understand their own needs, behaviours and actions
  • Understand the differences between their own and others needs
  • Move forward in developing better relationships

There will be a case study and examples of coaching questions to help assist you in your coaching sessions.

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 227 500 8399
Passcode: OJxRK4Exw!

Date: Tuesday 27th Jul, 2021
Time: 14:00
- 15:30
Location: Online

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