Introductory Session to Advanced Professional Coach Training – Engage – EMCC Certified Programme

The Business Coach Directory is pleased to launch its first Training Course in Partnership with Engage.



Engage is an innovative coaching tool which uses a proven methodology to assess the mindset and change readiness, backed by science.

Mindset is important because it drives what we do. To achieve results and drive different behaviours, you need the right mindset.

Engage gives you the framework and mechanism to achieve this.

A quick 10-minute online survey generates a personalised profile and identifies what to change and how to do it.

Evidence-based insights are a game changer for any coach, creating a clear differentiator.


The Advanced programme is a bespoke professional coach training programme aimed at coaches, consultants, psychologists and non-psychologies who want tp enrich their coaching skills and add coaching psychology to their tool kit.

With a blend of e-learning and supervising and guided masterclasses, this will help you be a better coach and equip you to work with individuals, teams, and organisations.


The Business Coach Directory is running an introductory session where you will be able to find our more from Engages founder Dr Jodi O’Dell on Friday 4th March and Mid-day. 


Anyone that joins the introductory session will be offered a bespoke promotion if you wish to sigh up to the course.


More information about Engage can be found here:

Engage Research.

Engage is based on over 15 years of research, drawing on cognitive behavioural psychology and advanced coaching psychology. The research behind Engage focuses on mindset and psychological readiness for change, identifying those specific factors which differentiate coaching success. It embeds theories around change and motivation, incorporating meta-cognition (how we think), and self-regulation (how we adapt) to achieve a growth mindset.

Using measurements and empirically researched tools and methodologies is important for coaching as it improves standards and quality which drive better outcomes. Engage provides tangible metrics increasing the consistency, reliability, and validity of any coaching process. It achieves this using a statistical algorithm to create a personalised development solution which guides the development focus, optimising coaching impact.

Research indicates a strong relationship between the factors measured by Engage and learning and development outcomes.



Date: Friday 4th Mar, 2022
Time: 12:00
- 13:00
Location: Online

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