High or Low – It’s off to work we go

The cross contamination of negative work experiences It is one of those essential truths that when your work life is messy, your whole life starts feeling the impact. There is nothing like a draining and demoralising day at work to ensure your evening is spent in mindless distractions or anxious self-recriminations. And don’t even get […]

Mental health Definition: common disorders, early signs and more

Mental Health is defined as psychological and cognitive well-being. It contributes to an individuals ability to think, feels and behave. People often refer to mental health as a lack of mental disorder. Mental health has an impact on everyday life, relationships and physical health. Good Mental health is essential to maintaining one’s lifelong happiness. Often […]

Make Meetings Work – How to run great meetings.

Meetings are a wonderful opportunity to engage with work colleagues, get creative and be collaborative on issues that are important to everybody. So why do so many people feel they are an ineffective use of time? In this article, we will be covering how to get the best from your meetings so they are productive, […]

Know yourself and trust yourself

Your head is spinning round and round asking continuously those same questions: Should I begin searching for another job? Is this the right time? Where should I start? Am I good enough? What if.. ?  This year has surprised us all. We have faced a new world, a new normal, one filled with uncertainty in every […]

‘Just do the letters’

Not that long ago I started a new HR Director role in a medium sized organisation. Full of enthusiasm I asked my senior management peers what they wanted from the HR team. I was gobsmacked to be told by one to ‘just do the letters, we can do everything else’.   Undeterred, I moved the […]

Is Remote Working Effecting Your Mindset

Over the last nine months there is no doubt that your workforce has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions trying to deal with all that a world stuck in the middle of a pandemic has thrown at them.  Some will have sailed through it and loved the freedom that working from home has allowed them, […]