Ways that you can approach career change through coaching

I have already worked with numerous clients who wanted to progress in their career and to explore what aspects of it they wanted to change. You might want to do something you care about that gives you meaning, something that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning. You are thinking of a […]

In praise of work friends

Work friends: a key driver of happiness at work, and more necessary than ever Late last year I conducted some informal research within my network relating to purpose at work: exploring what makes our work meaningful, and what challenges arise at work for purpose-led people. One finding that took me by surprise was just how […]

Be You!

Be you! It is always good to just be you, as it is exhausting trying to be someone that we are not. Desperation to get a job may force us to act in a way that we think the interviewer wants us to be. And indeed, this method might work in the short term, but […]