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I’m Sharlin Paul, a professional Mental health & wellness coach & Therapist and I’m passionate about helping corporates support their teams at work.

Before starting my journey as a mental health coach, I spent many year within a variety of healthcare sectors, I am fully aware of the challenges companies have with regards to support their teams wellbeing.

I provide a range of services both individual clients and organisations.

For individual clients, I specialise in building confidence, overcoming work life challenges, and working towards helping individuals become productive at work.

In terms of supporting organisations I provide 1:1 coaching for employers and group coaching for employees to develop a sustainable mental health culture.

Sessions consists of providing a safe space for you and your team to develop authentically without judgement.

What gets measured gets improved. I have devised a measurement tool so you can focus on areas that need most improvement.

Before you read on take the Mental health & wellness diagnostic test at: Click to enter!

The set of questions is designed to evaluate you in five areas of mental health & wellness within your organisation. It will give you a customised report based on your answers.

In working with companies, one of the key issues we find they struggle with most is providing effective strategies and resources that makes a difference.

The results will give you a starting point and show you where tiny are already strong and areas in which room for improve is required.

This past year, we helped numerous companies to implement the relevant strategies to aid the wellbeing of their team, resulting in increased productivity and added revenue.

If this is something your company faces as a challenge too, let’s set up a call after completing the diagnostic. I have some ideas that may help!

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AC Coach / Executive Coach

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Team Coaching

Great news, Sharlin offers Virtual/Online coaching

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