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About Rowan

We all encounter grief and loss throughout our lives.  Grief is experienced in many forms from the intense pain of the loss of a loved one, to life events such as redundancy, children leaving home, the loss of health.

As your coach I will walk a long side you as you work through your grief; helping you to process your pain and supporting your mourning process.

We all grief differently and there isn’t a right way or a wrong way,  just your way.  Grief changes us as we adapt to our loss and discover the new person.  This birthing for the new is painful like the caterpillar changing into the butterfly.  I will support you along your journey.

I believe that you can become the best person that you possible can be, by looking at how nature thrives. Nature doesn’t give up. Nature is adaptable, flexible and resilient. Learning from nature you will find your passions, clearing any beliefs that are baring your path allowing your walk in your authenticity. I will walk by your side as you explore the song of your inner soul, learning from nature you will increase your resilience as we will walk together on your journey.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone who is struggling with loss and feel they are lost in the wilderness of grief.  We all grieve and mourn differently and that is fine.  There isn’t a single right way to grieve.  How you grieve your loss, is the correct way.  People are scared of grief and will often pull away from the grieving because they are worried that they my say the wrong thing, make you feel worse.  I will walk alongside you and support you was your walk the unfamiliar wilderness of grief.

Experience coaching away from computer of café! Free your mind by getting away from the familiar enabling you to think differently; see things from a new perspective; freeing your mind from the regular. By the shores of a still lake you’ll hear your inner voice sing. By the roar of a waterfall your passion is ignited. You can walk in a park, woodland, the beach, the majestic hills. Where would you like to go and explore yourself?

What makes working with me special?

Putting nature at the centre, you will see things from a different place.  You can see time differently.  Using ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Future Care from permaculture you will be able to find a holistic path to reach your dream, achieve your goals. Better still your achievements will be made in a holistic and sustainable way.  Improving your life, wellbeing and mindful of our precious planet.

We’ll work together using transformative tools, becoming somatically being aware of your body, holistically using permaculture principles and ethics.  You will explore your edges where your growth lies.

Nature and the environment is at the core of how you will work.  As in nature we build a symbiotic relationship ensure that your needs are met.  Your values are honoured.

Some may think this close connection to nature is strange or even crazy.  However, there is plenty of scientific research that shows connection with nature is beneficial and reduces stress and aids thinking.  You know that nature calms your soul.

I believe in the trees we find wisdom.  Looking towards the horizon we see our path.  By treading lightly only leaving our footprints you will be successfully complete your quest.

Held in a safe container

I am a trained in mental and physical first aid. I have worked with many people though my yoga and body work practices.  As people grow and change I understand the need to work in a trauma aware manner. I undertaken a number of trauma awareness courses. In grief having a safe space where you can express your emotions openly and honestly without fear of judgement is one of the greatest gifts I offer to you.

Giving back to nature and helping the environment

If you book and attend a free exploratory session Rowan will donate £5 to The Woodland Trust to support their The Big Climate Fightback. Did you know that a £15 donation can planet up to 10 trees! Helping to capture carbon from the atmosphere and improve the environment. Rowan will donate £15 for every paid session to The Woodland Trust. Helping them to plant more trees to reduce carbon, pollution and flooding.

Taking action

Every journey starts with the first step.  This is the most difficult to take. I will be with you every step of the way.  Its just one click to start your amazing journey.

Qualifications & Accreditations

The team at Business Coach Directory manually verifies all qualifications and credentials so you have peace of mind when selecting a coach.

The Power of Embodied Transformation

Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Small Business Coach

Great news, Rowan offers Virtual/Online coaching

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