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I am a professional executive coach. Experienced in providing collaborative, individualised, one to one coaching and team coaching. This is NOT technical guidance, career counselling, or training, which is why it transfers to all professions and works for all individuals.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner with the addition of a Sleep Consultant diploma and am registered with the Association for Coaching. I come from a professional background (solicitor) and lead two Level 4 modules (one on a BSc and the other on a practice diploma). I also have a MSc in Personalised Nutrition and am a Registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT and CNHC). Therefore I have an innate understanding of the pressures any one area of life can have on both performance and focus, and their subsequent impact upon achieving professional and personal goals, health, and wellbeing.

Goal identification.

Being unsure of what exactly we want can be frustrating. There are multiple ways of identifying the goal which is the starting point for any successful endeavour. My experience helps to ensure the right method is used for each individual. Imagine the motivation, the drive, that will instill.

Barrier clearance.

When you know the goal but seem unable to attain it. I can help identify the barrier to clear the way.  As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner I have a toolbox of techniques which can elicit great and in most cases – immediate – results.

Relationship building.

Standing up in a room full of people who already believe they know all the facts and so do not need to hear anything you say. Having the ability to change their minds. To buy in completely not only with what you are saying but more importantly, with you.

I know pressure.

Being on the opposition’s territory surrounded by people who believe you are in their way and actually stopping them from achieving their goals. Maintaining the confidence, focus, and poise to effectively undertake the task you set out to in the face of active conflict to achieve your own goal and doing it in such a way that working relationships and respect are built and maintained.

I do this. So can you.

Also, time pressure. When sleeping and eating almost seem like a luxury. Identifying a way of working smarter, and knowing it is all towards your dream goal? That’s not a luxury, that’s a plan to success.


I understand confidentiality – I have been a solicitor for over 15 years. Trust is paramount for any working relationship. I will not disclose anything about any previous clients to you and you can be assured that how you achieved your results will remain confidential.

PLEASE NOTE: It has come to my attention that sometimes when I respond to email enquiries, my email goes into ‘junk’ or ‘spam’. This may be something to do with my personal domain email address. Therefore please do check for my reply – I always respond. Thanks

Fee information
Free first introductory 30 minute conversation online for us both to assess whether I am the right coach for you.  I am regularly in session so if you don’t want to leave a voicemail just send me a text message or email and I will respond as soon as I become free to arrange our first chat. Or alternatively, copy and paste this link into your browser to book directly into my diary:

£180 an hour online sessions. Although not necessary, I would recommend pre-booking 6 sessions in committing to yourself and your purpose.  Areas that are key focuses are purpose, drive, choice, values, beliefs, communication, perspectives, confidence, and actions, and as each consultation is as individual as we all are, after our first meeting we will discuss arrangements that work best for you in order to most effectively achieve your goals.

Want answers now? I also offer an intensive 1:1 4 hour deep dive. £720.
This option allows us to explore wide, delve deep, and narrow down to uncover what is needed. We would typically start at 10am until 12:30/1pm (including a comfort break), take an hour for lunch (not included in the time) during which I encourage plenty of fluids, some wholefoods, meditation and/or a walk. We return at 1:30/2pm and finish at 3pm. Please note that this level of increasing awareness and utilising emotions to heighten understanding, whilst being very effective in identifying choices and actions, is psychologically intensive. Pen and paper is a must.
Please email me to arrange a 30 minute free conversation for us to assess if this is the right choice for you.

Team coaching prices start at £600 for 3 hours. Prices vary depending on participant number, duration, and location. Please get in touch to discuss.

Qualifications & Accreditations

The team at Business Coach Directory manually verifies all qualifications and credentials so you have peace of mind when selecting a coach.

Member of the Association for Coaching

Professional Member

NLP Practitioner

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Performance Coaching

Great news, Rachel offers Virtual/Online coaching

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