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Want more control over your finances?

Can’t help that impulsive spending?

Never seem to hit your business forecast?

You’re not alone, 40% of UK adults don’t feel confident with their money!

Education is only a small part of the problem.  Money is highly emotional and deeply intertwined with many aspects of our lives, from our career, relationships, to our independence and self esteem.

I’m Jon and I can help you understand your money psychology and habits and get them working for you.

I take a holistic and reflective approach to my coaching, and combined with over 10 years banking experience helping people with their cash, can help both individuals and small businesses uncover their unique relationship with money, helping them feel more in control.

Qualifications & Accreditations

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European Individual Accreditation

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Small Business Coach
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Great news, Jon offers Virtual/Online coaching

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