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I specialise in professional development and enable my clients to perform at their best, achieve their goals and unlock their full potential allowing them to become their best self.

A particular focus for me is enabling women to return to work after maternity leave or career break.  For many women navigating that first year back can be challenging.  Battling hormones, loss of identity, confidence levels and the pull between work and home can be destabilising and may lead to them leaving or not reaching their full potential as they can’t quite traverse successfully through the initial year back.  By nurturing returning parents, organisations will hopefully be able to retain their highly trained employees.

Added to my usual coaching programmes I am currently focusing on the new ways of working that we have currently found ourselves in. Remote working has created many different reactions amongst the workforce and even the most focussed have found themselves reassessing their situation.  Some have felt anxious being removed from the familiarity of regular contact with colleagues, and this has led to feelings of self doubt and low confidence.  Others are feeling apprehensive about whether it’s safe to return to the workplace with their colleagues and some are simply enjoying this new way of living and the extra time they have been able to spend with their family and may be reluctant to give it up.  There is also no doubt that there will be some employees whose attitude to their original working life will have changed dramatically, and it will be of benefit to any employer to explore this.  So, with this in mind I have developed individual and group coaching sessions to enable people to deal with the situation they find themselves in easier.

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Career Coaching
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Management Coaching
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