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Agnieszka (AGA)


  • Finland
3 years experience
About Agnieszka (AGA)

Aga helps individuals to think more effectively. She encourages coachees to widen their perspective and, through her unique questioning approaches, think through their situations in more flexible ways. She is a creative and edgy challenger as well as an empathetic, effective listener. By creating a safe space and confidence for change, she supports the coachee in the process of wider thinking that might result in a greater awareness of being and approach to problem solving and overcoming challenges. She is an eclectic coach using wide variety of approaches. When necessary and with the compliance of the individual she is not afraid to use an abstract and creative approach to enhance the process of individual thinking.

Aga holds a Professional Certificate in Coaching from the Henley Business School in England. She is continuing her education on MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.

Using her professional expertise in building marketing communication strategies for global companies, she specialises in Effective Communication on the group and individual level. She’s Polish, has operated on the Finnish market for 11 years, has a bicultural family, as well as being used to working for a large, complex international company. Therefore, Aga has an insight into issues concerning Cross-Cultural Management, beneficial for the individuals/teams facing cultural differences in both, life and the work environment. Moreover, she uses her professional work expertise in raising awareness of Work Engagement. Her coaching draws upon over 8 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in strategic thinking, time management and efficiency as well as delivering solid results in a niche market. She knows how to navigate the coachee through challenges and difficult decisions. In her coaching she supports individuals to find their Personal Identity.

She offers one-to-one coaching sessions either face-to-face or virtually in Polish (mother tongue), English or Finnish as a supporting language for the session held in English.

Qualifications & Accreditations

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Professional Certificate in Coaching

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Creative Coaching
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Interview Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Management Coaching
Performance Coaching
Small Business Coach
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Contact details
  • +358453435769

Great news, Agnieszka (AGA) offers Virtual/Online coaching

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