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About Aimee

Hi, I’m Aimee

And my mission is to help all you purpose-driven business owners to remember one simple fact:

You are already everything you are striving to become.

But you’re thinking that it’s only when you achieve the next goal or reach the next level of success that you’ll be able to feel successful, good enough or free.

And something keeps holding you back from getting there. That something – is you.

So if you’ve had enough of getting in your own way of success and want to create the life and business of your dreams: you’re in the right place.

Because transforming your OUTER world starts with transforming your INNER world – and that’s exactly what I’m an expert at helping you to do.


For years I was held back from making the income and impact that my soul was yearning for.

I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing and yet still I only ever made just enough money.

I struggled to make more than enough.

I didn’t know how to stop letting my fear hold me back and I felt like a fraud.

Eventually, I gave up: I stopped putting my time into what I thought I was supposed to be doing, and instead, focused on who I was being.

Within just a matter of weeks, everything changed.

Finally I found the missing piece I had been searching for: my true self.

When I connected to the truth of who I was, my limiting beliefs and fear didn’t matter anymore. They stopped holding me back.


That’s how my transformational 5D Method™ was born, and why I now LOVE helping other business owners to do the same.

I took everything I knew and created a simple method to help me diagnose what was in the way of the income and impact I desired and connect back to my soul’s truth. And it worked.

I became the successful, sought-after coach that I had been desperate to become.

I stopped consuming from others and started creating for others.

I detached my sense of self-worth from my service, and saw how incredibly valuable my service was.

As if by magic, clients started appearing, 5-figure months became the norm, and I was finally able to enjoy the financial prosperity, freedom and fulfilment I’d be striving for for so long.


I started using The 5D Method™ with my clients and they too were seeing amazing results:

  • Lucy created an extra six-figures of revenue in just a few months
  • Karolina expanded her business and hired a team and launched internationally
  • Christie was able to quit her job and become a full time coach
  • Kimberlee attracted 2 new clients after just one session
  • Daytona went from struggling to fully booked for the following 6 months and hit six-figures for the first time
  • Christina was suddenly fully booked after just one session
  • Debora created 2 new clients within a week
  • Jo quit her consulting work and established herself as a highly-sought after coach
  • Bhavisha went from no-business idea at all to signing her first client within 3 months


Now it’s your turn to get out of your own way of success, let your true self shine, and enjoy the financial prosperity, freedom and fulfilment that your soul is craving for.


I believe in the power of conversation and all my services are direct coaching (no online courses or DIY programmes!) – either 1:1 or 1:4. Find out more about my success accelerators by visiting

Your next level of success is waiting for you. The question is, what are YOU waiting for?

In love,

Aimee x

Qualifications & Accreditations

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Deep Coaching Intensive Coach Training Program

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching

NLP Practioner Course

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Performance Coaching
Small Business Coach
Start-Up Business Coaching

Great news, Aimee offers Virtual/Online coaching

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