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About Aimee

The secret to success is self-love.


“Working with Aimee changed my life completely. Before, I was lost and depressed. Now, I have a deep love for myself, a greater zest for life and I am a self-employed coach living life on my own terms!” – Christie, coach


Imagine, waking up each day, knowing that there is nothing you need to achieve and nothing you must do, except whatever brings you most joy that day.


Your business is successful.

You are effortlessly attracting clients simply by being you and doing what you love to do.

Your work is deeply fulfilling and at the same time grants you the freedom to enjoy life in other ways.

You’re consistently earning more than enough to cover the lifestyle expenses of you and your family.

You know that you are loved, just the way you are, and taken care of, always.

You’re growing and expanding, yet at the same time, you’re at peace.

You’ve made it. You’re home.

This is the life that I can help you to create.


“I’m feeling much more confident and at ease with myself, and have seen great success in business. My original goal was to turnover an extra 6 figures in revenue, which has been smashed out of the park. I have won business that I wouldn’t have originally even had the confidence to pitch for before Aimee’s help.” – Lucy, entrepreneur


I’ve helped hundreds of clients around the world to create the material results they desired.

Not so that they could then feel worthy, abundant and loved.

But by helping them to realise that they already were.


“Before working with you I was stuck in the same place for many years and whatever I did wasn’t working. Now, in just 2 months I have smashed the monthly sales from £100k per month to over £1m. Your work on my beliefs opened my eyes to many new opportunities which has catapulted me to my many next levels of success!” – Renato, entrepreneur


Manifesting what you want is so much easier when your sense of peace, security, abundance, freedom, love and joy are no longer dependent on you having it.

Which is exactly what I help my clients to experience.

My work does not require ‘healing’ or ‘shifting limiting beliefs’.

It requires feeling your emotions and becoming conscious to the fact that you are creating your reality through the beliefs you are unconsciously choosing to believe.

And simply choosing anew.

My work is for every body.

But not every body is ready for my work.

Are you ready to:

  • Replace strategy with surrender
  • Create prosperity by living in alignment with your true purpose
  • Release the conditions that you are placing upon your sense of peace, abundance and love
  • Make a time and financial commitment to discovering who you really are
  • Manifest the life that your soul desires from the inside-out
  • Prioritise self-love and service to others


If yes, find out more about my coaching services by visiting my website.


“Thanks to working with Aimee I have realised that I am pretty awesome. And I don’t feel ashamed or scared to say that out loud anymore.” – Liv, personal trainer

Qualifications & Accreditations

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Deep Coaching Intensive Coach Training Program

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching

NLP Practioner Course

Areas of Expertise
Career Coaching
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Performance Coaching
Small Business Coach
Start-Up Business Coaching

Great news, Aimee offers Virtual/Online coaching

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