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Develop The Mindset Of The Top 1% And Skyrocket Your Income Without Working Harder

Do you dream about earning a high six figure income, yet currently struggle to earn enough to fund your lifestyle, despite working long hours every day?

If so, you are not alone.

In 2012, I started a business that, over eight years, scaled to a valuation of over $30,000,000. I loved working on the business for the first few years, but, over time, things changed.

Despite me probably appearing ‘successful’ to others, I came to HATE the business I had founded with such high hopes.

I worked twelve hour days, often seven days a week, and in eight years, never managed to have a holiday where I was able to truly relax and enjoy myself… there was always some ‘urgent’ problem that needed resolving. It seemed every day was just another mountain of sh*t to deal with!

And fool that I was, I didn’t even earn enough to trick myself into believing it was worth the stress.

I realised that rather than design a business that allowed me to enjoy life and reach my goals, I’d created a monster that was slowly eating me up.

I felt trapped.

I struggled with depression.

My marriage was starting to look decidedly rocky and I was drinking heavily every day to try and cope with the stress.

But, hey!  …On the plus side, the local off-licence had a great year😊 !

You see, I had been led to believe that, if you want to earn a six-figure income, you must work hard, chain yourself to your desk and make lots of personal sacrifice. Many people believe the same thing.

But that is just not true. In fact, working harder is often the worst way to try and succeed. And the consequences are an increasing level of stress, which eventually leads to ill-health and ultimately to disease and, in many cases, divorce!

I KNEW in my heart, there had to be a better way; that earning a high income and succeeding doesn’t have to lead to burn out.

Luckily for me, I found a mentor who showed me that success is not about more hard work As he pointed out, if it was, Richard Branson couldn’t spend most of his time on Necker Island sipping Margaritas!

He taught me the opposite is actually true and earning a six-figure income is a lot easier than people think.

In fact, the work you do is responsible for just 20% of your income. And 80% of success is attributable to developing the right Mindset. So, if you want to earn that six-figure income, without working harder, you must make developing the right Mindset your #1 priority…  You must learn to think and behave like the top 1% of the world’s most successful people.

In simple terms that success formula comprises:

·       Clarity (40%): achieve complete clarity on what it is you really want and why and set highly effective, inspirational goals.

·       Belief (20%): recognising your own unique value so you develop confidence and a strong belief in yourself and your own worth

Bulletproof Attitude (20%): Developing an ‘I-can’ belief system, creating the right habits and embodying essential leadership qualities

·       Implementation (20%) identify and focus on key activities; create an effective step by step plan of action and implement it daily to progress towards your goals as quickly as possible.

And, as you will notice, a full 80% of what you need to be successful can be accomplished in the comfort of your armchair, simply by shifting your beliefs and the way you think. In fact, once you get complete clarity and focus on what YOU really want, you are almost halfway there.

So, let’s assess where you are now. Ask yourself:

·      How many hours a week do you work?

·      Are you making real progress towards your goals?

·      Do you think you’ll be closer to your goals in 12 months’ time, if you keep doing what you’re doing?

I would guess that the answers to those questions are not what you would like them to be, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

And the reason you are not yet getting your desired results is, as we have established, because you have not yet developed the right mindset.

If you’ve read articles or biographies about celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo de Caprio, David Beckham, athletes like Roger Federer, Connor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams …or the top 1% in any field, you will realise that ‘developing the right mindset’ has been absolutely critical to their success.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change your thoughts and you change your life.”

But you’re probably thinking, “It’s easier said than done, right? Surely you can’t just change the way you think.”

But you will be surprised at how simple it can be.

When I work with clients I share the lessons I have learned from 21 years’ business experience, and combine those with my 28 years of studying the principles of success, and my training as a Business development Consultant and a Success Coach, with the globally renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute.

At the core of my main coaching program is a simple and repeatable methodology that has been used by millions of people (and blue-chip companies) over the last 60 years. It has enabled people time and time again to multiply their income and achieve enormous success.

You won’t have to wait months or even weeks to benefit from the program. It will engage your mind at both the conscious and subconscious levels.  You will be able to absorb the lessons and take action as soon as you complete the modules and you will experience significant (and ever increasing) results as you progress through the program.

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