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“Getting sales is so hard!”

This is a phrase that I hear again and again from course creators. The struggle is real.

But it’s usually because this has happened:

1. They’ve seen others have had huge success online and want a piece of the pie

2. They have then thought up an idea for a course, recorded it and published for sale.

3. They then start telling everyone they know that it’s available

4. Crickets. No sales.

“What went wrong? Why won’t it sell?” They ask…

Have you also been here?

If so I would ask you to consider returning to the start of the process, and instead follow the plan below:

  1. Get talking about what your passionate about on social media, give value and grow your audience
  2. Listen carefully to what people are asking you, what do they want to learn and what you want to provide? What do you want to get known for? Outline the main focus of your offer, your online course or membership…
  3. Then create a mini free offer that addresses a tiny bit essential part of the full solution you can provide.
  4. Share this offer in exchange for an email so you are growing your email list
  5. Get more active in networking groups, communities where you are naturally part of the conversations (you are not selling)
  6. Now develop your course framework, state the end result when people sign-up. But don’t start recording yet.
  7. Start selling the idea of the course to your email list first – validate that people want it and will pay for it. The date it starts will be in several weeks time (allowing you to record once it’s validated)
  8. You have paying clients in your course as sales are easy because people want what you are putting out there. As you listened first.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. Leads take time to nurture.

This is The Introvert Way™ of growing your business online that I support clients develop, starting with listening, then building momentum and then selling comes easier as you are fully connected to and believe in your solution.

If this resonates with you, and you’d like some external eyes on your process, courses and business strategy, then let’s connect by email, or you can check out how to work with me.

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