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Ways that you can approach career change through coaching

by Christos Papaioannou

I have already worked with numerous clients who wanted to progress in their career and to explore what aspects of it they wanted to change.

You might want to do something you care about that gives you meaning, something that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning. You are thinking of a job that matters to you, that connects heart, hands and mind. Or a job that is simply less stressful than your current one, and allows you to spend more time doing what you love and being with the people you care about.

It’s exciting and scary and you might not be sure where to start or where to go. You might not even be sure you want to change your career, but you are not entirely happy with your current situation, and you are certain you want to change something. Or you might be forced to change your job or career due to changes in your work.

Through career coaching, you will explore who you are, what is your vision and what’s possible. You will reflect on your values and how these play a role when you make important career decisions.

Among others, you will also identify your strengths and map actions for using them to address any gaps or learning areas. Confidence can be found through knowing yourself and addressing any limiting beliefs. This can also support you in reaching your career goals: getting that promotion and a more senior role, improving at what you do already, or changing your career direction entirely. Work-life balance and wellbeing at work are themes that rarely remain outside the coaching sphere and I will be bringing several tools, proven theories and years of experience to help you address related issues.

Whatever type of change or growth you want to see in your career, you will certainly need to find your courage, maintain your focus and show resilience.

Through career coaching, I can be both your accountability partner and cheerleader — until you reach your destination.

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